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Albuquerque Public Schools

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Learning Environment

Because there's more to learning than math and reading, we survey school climate to evaluate school safety, culture and responsiveness to community needs, as well as student attendance.

How we measure performance

About school accountability

The new Accountability System was designed to recognize success and identify schools in need of support. In schools with low academic performance, NM PED believes the system is failing the school–not the other way around.

Additional Measurements

The NM PED knows that there is more to a school’s story than Math and Reading scores. New metrics, revolving around the school's overall learning environment, provide a more comprehensive picture of school success.


There is a critical link between successful educational outcomes for students and their regular attendance at school.

Family & Student Satisfaction

NM PED believes its critical to gauge whether students and families feel their school is a good place to learn.

Educator Quality

This page includes information about New Mexico's educators, including their experience, certification status and licensure levels.


The Every Student Succeeds Act requires that all states publish per-pupil expenditures (PPE) by school level. Thus the PPE calculation captures the ratio of expenditure and allocations as a function of the number of students at a given school site.