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New Mexico

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Academic Performance

The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) is committed to ensuring every student is adequately equipped to achieve their goals. Academic Performance is one way to understand how well schools are preparing students for their futures.

How we measure performance

About school accountability

The new Accountability System was designed to recognize success and identify schools in need of support. In schools with low academic performance, NM PED believes the system is failing the school–not the other way around.

School Designations

Traditional Support

Schools that are not identified as needing comprehensive or targeted support will receive traditional levels of support.

What does this mean?

Schools receive designations based on a number of factors, including performance scores.

How was this calculated?

Schools can receive designations for earning top scores or be identified as needing support.

Individual Measures

A school's success is defined by more than test scores. This year, PED has revised our rating system to incude a broader view of individual school accomplishments.

Academic Proficiency

Academic proficiency measures performance on state math, reading, and science tests. Proficiency measures whether students are meeting grade-level expectations.

Academic Growth

Academic growth measures whether students are learning less than, about the same as, or more than other students who are academically similar to them.

English Learner Progress

English Learner progress measures whether English learners are "on track"toward becoming proficient in English.

Graduation and College and Career Readiness

In this area we track four-, five-, and six-year high school graduation rates as well as how many students take advantage of college and career opportunities.